Friday, July 16, 2010

another step, another day

i just submitted an update to a grant that we applied for: gift of adoption fund. if we were to get the amount we requested or even just a portion of it we would be so thankful so i ask you to all pray that God will give the committee discernment when they are reviewing applications. and if you want to pray that we would get a grant that would be ok, too. :)

i was rereading some of my blog posts and it is crazy to me, in retrospect, how fast this year has gone by. i made a bold statement at the beginning of the year that 2010 is the year of baby lawson, and while i stand next to that, i am feeling anxious. and you would too if your mother in law had shirts made up that say that very thing. :) i know the right birthmom and child will be brought into our family, but man it's hard waiting. and it's hard trying to plan for vacations, or lack thereof, for our family members who desperately want to come when baby arrives. there is so much to consider and if i think about it too much i will drive myself crazy. as we all know i am (say it with me) a planner, and adoption is not something that you can plan and have a definitive schedule around.

in other news, i had an mri on my back from the oh so graceful fall i had at work and my doctor has found something and now wants to have me do an emg. just click right on that link if you are unsure what it is. and for all of my regular readers you know how well i do with needles so you can only imagine my great excitement as i prepare to have this done. hopefully what needs to be done will be taken care of and my life can resume as normal. although this has given me a chance to think about something other than that ever present yet so far away phone call where my caseworker tells me we have been chosen by a birthmom.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
be blessed.


The Davis Family said...

I'll definitely be praying for you guys!!!