Saturday, June 26, 2010

just call me grace...

growing up i was notorious for injuring myself- walking into walls, twisting my ankles, falling down, tripping over my own feet, twisting my ankles.... you get the picture. i was so prone to injuiring myself that instead of my parents rushing towards me out of concern for my wellbeing they would sit there, try to hide a smile, and say, "grace" with a slight undertone of sarcasm. okay so perhaps the slight undertone is incorrect... it was very sarcastic.

i guess as i got older i was under the assumption that i would become more graceful with age. i definitely have put that fallacy to the side. in my first year of college i tripped up several stairs on several occassions at good ole' king college. that is also where i managed to fall into the mud and mire in the center of campus while i was walking in uber high boots. and did i mention that the sidewalks at kc are bricks that aren't exactly cemented into the ground.... i will let you mind wander to the many encounters my knees had with those bricks.

now i am 27 years old and have learned to watch where i walk and be more cautious in hazardous situations. i tend to be so cautious, in fact, that my dearly beloved tends to make fun of me because i look like an 80 year old meemaw. well i met my match the other day- a large puddle of water on tile. i am positive you can tell where this is heading.

i am finishing my break and decide i need to put my phone in my purse in my locker. so i mosey on over to my locker, place my phone in my bag, pivot to walk away and, oh wait, what is this? i am soaring through the air; am i dreaming? what happens when you dream you are falling and you actually hit the ground? i reach for the rolling chair which undoubtedly will steady my rapidly descending body (riiiight) land on my back and then i am surrounded by blackness. now there are lights above me swirling around so naturally i decide i should move. there's the blackness again. who is poking me? do they not realize that i am in extreme pain right now? why are they repetitively calling my name? oh there's the lights and the breakroom, and nola, and one of our board of directors. fantastic.

several hours later, several ct scans later, a huge pain med shot, anti-nauseau med and 2 prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and a pain med i am leaving the hospital. no longer will i assume that because i am 27 years old i am be able to keep my footing or basically just walk without falling down. most people would have noticed the water before they were soaking it all up with their clothes. obviously you don't need to be concerned about my sense of humor as it was not disrupted, but if you are thinking about it, do say a prayer for my back as she doesn't see the humor in this, still. all in all though, i am thankful that it was me and not one of the other girls at work that fell... of course i would be more thankful if i could get another one of those pain shots...

be blessed.


jen said...

I love you! Laughed so hard I cried and then almost peed! Good thing the bathroom is right across from my office and I am the queen of rolling my office chair to the door so I don't pee in the floor!