Friday, February 19, 2010


what a busy and astounding past few weeks we have had! last post i shared with you how disgruntled i was with uncle sam and the money we owed him and i even alluded to the fact that we were trusting God was going to show up in an unbelievable way. at the time i had no idea how unbelievable but He just continues to outdo Himself using people in ways they cannot possibly fathom. so our tax situation will be taken care of in about 2 weeks time.

secondly we had a heard that our church, sevier heights baptist church, was going to be partnering with bethany christian services (which is who we are adopting through) but we didn't want to allow ourselves to become too excited because we didn't want to be disappointed. so about 3 weeks ago we walk into church for missions month kick off and hear tim tell the church they are looking for 10 families to accept the call to adopt, and those 10 families will be receiving a grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course that is as long as the people in the church give, but we are still excited at the opportunity to possibly adopt debt free. after much discussion we agree that regardless of whether or not we are the recipient of a grant, we are just so thankful God has brought us to a place that recognizes the ministry aspect of adoption and wants to be part of it. but i would be lying if i told you that we didn't want that grant, so do please pray that the right families will receive the grants and if it is His will, that we could be one of those families.

yesterday we bought our baby bedding! *if it seems as though there is a lot of excitement in this entire blog, it's because there is. i feel like i am going to burst out of my skin at some points.* we had chosen cotton tale designs', "elephant brigade" but couldn't find it in stock anywhere; we later learned that are discontinuing it, but found an outstanding deal on it and decided to purchase it.

oh and did i mention that we did our registries at babies'r'us and target AND bought a crib a few weeks ago?!?!?!?!

today we had our adoption training and while we were there and completely and utterly blessed, we were able to schedule 2 of 4 parts of our homestudy for this upcoming thursday. people may say to me that we are overeager and overzealous, but i will say once again that i believe we will be receiving a baby in the very near future so i am trying to be as prepared as possible. i also look at all these little stepping stones that are leading up to this most incredible experience and i can't even tell you how excited it makes me to see what else God has cooked up for us.

please continue to pray for us as we enter the final stretch of our homestudy and as we begin doing our profiles, applying for grants, and completing the nursery. there is so much to be done and an uncertain amount of time for it to be completed! but then again, there is so much to be thankful for! be blessed.


The Davis Family said...

I love, love, love the bedding!! We are praying for you guys. By the way, we may see you at some Bethany 'Waiting Family' groups since we are starting the paperwork for another adoption :)

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with your blog; you all will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers during this exciting time. I have a friend who was just "matched" through Bethany Christian Services in Indiana. They have nothing but great things to say about BCS. It sounds like you all are getting prepared and are ready for this little bundle of joy. BTW... I love the bedding :) - Kari Garrison