Saturday, January 30, 2010

thank you uncle sam!

i did our taxes this past week and as i was wrapping them up i discovered we were to be receiving a fairly large tax return and so i started checking off things we could payoff before we start the more expensive parts of our adoption. i was so excited............. and then realized we OWED that amount.


please tell me you're kidding.

oh no, uncle sam and obama worked a fast one on us and now we owe them both 12oo big ones. basically the cost of our homestudy.

amused. not at all

excited. you have to be kidding

but we are placing it in God's hands and know that He will provide, just like He always does.


The Davis Family said...

Hey Cassie! It was great to meet you at the last Bethany meeting. I've loved reading through your blog and feeling like I've been getting to know you :)
Don't get disappointed about the money. Stuff like this happens along the journey. We just had to pay a big chunk of change for a new water heater...guess that's important even though that was money we had saved to go towards our second adoption!!
BTW, here is our blog address: I hope to update it soon, as usual :) Let us know if you and Chris would ever like to get together! ~ Jen