Tuesday, October 21, 2008

god is great

there is a song that i heard sunday morning on the way to church that has the lyrics "we won't be satisfied with anything ordinary...we don't want blessings we want You" and it has stuck with me all week long. so as i sing this song i keep praying it and just crying out these lyrics to my most wonderful Saviour.

so today as i realized that i would only be getting around 20 hours at my full time job and began to realize that financially this was really going to be a hurter i started to feel myself beginning to do my cyclical worry. then i remembered the way God provided direction, guidance and clarity to me during my 40 day baby journey. so i left it in His hands and continued on my day.

about 230 this afternoon the head of hr at y-12 credit union (where chris works) called me and offered me a "part-time" position at the west knoxville branch. i say "part-time" because it's 32 hours. not only was i ecstatic to be receiving this news for the sheer fact of having stable hours, but then she told me my pay rate which is about $2 an hour more than i make now. GOD IS GREAT... and i just stand in awe of His love, provision and care for chris and myself right now.

on another note i know some of you are not having the same great news regarding employment and my prayers are with you friends. i have been in that boat where things seem to be going okay only to be devastated by an unexpected layoff or pay decrease. don't lose faith. not today or tomorrow or even in a few months, but eventually hindsight may show you that it was a blessing in disguise. remain faithful and steadfast in your love and praise to Him and He will provide... often in ways we do not anticipate.

love you all.
be blessed.


christie said...

yeah!!! congrats :)