Friday, October 24, 2008

puppies x8

so mollie FINALLY had her puppies. chris and i had gone out on our date night, thursday night, and were commenting the whole time how we wished she would have them tonight so we could do what we need to do with her before the weekend. when we arrived home she was in our bedroom where her "whelping/birthing" tub was set up and i could hear her crying. when i opened the door she was freaking out, pacing, walking in circles, and crying. then i realized there was more than one cry and upon further investigation found the first pup, placenta and umbilical cord still attatched.

after i finally calmed her down and brought the pup to her she chewed off the cord, ate the placenta (it was very chewy apparantly) and started licking the pup like crazy. this was right at 9pm and we thought for sure that it would be about 2 or 3 in the am before she was finished but she had other plans. by1145 she had successfully delivered 8 pups, one of which was outside in the front yard and chris had to pick it up still in the sack and all and bring it inside.

we were concerned that she would be hateful and try to keep us away from the puppies, but she was the opposite. she was getting ready to have the 3rd pup and i had walked out of the room and chris said she stopped pushing and sat up and wouldn't continue until i was back in the room. she even let max come in and smell the pups, lick her cooter, etc. she didn't cry hardly at all after the first one and was just a real trooper.

so the pups: we have 3 girls and 5 boys. six are black with white on their chests like hers and of those 4 are boys. then we have one the exact same blonde color as max which is a boy and the baby of the bunch came out white like the markings on max's face and that one is a girl. whether we keep her or not i think i am going to name her cuddles because all she wants to do is lay up by mollie's face and cuddle.

even though mollie is just our dog and i know dog's have no soul it was still such an amazing experience to see her body go through the changes of pregnancy, to feel the pups moving inside her, watching the birth, helping mollie during it and now of course getting to see, feel, and hold these puppies. God is so amazing in how He has created us and how everyday real, honest miracles take place.

and for ty and em: congrats on grant marshall. he is stinkin adorable and i could not be happier for you guys. i love y'all more than you know and you're both a real blessing.

i'll post pics of the pups later... right now i gotta get in the bed so i can take the whole crew to the vet in the am.

be blessed.


Jesse and Leslie said...

Congrats!!! Your birth story cracked me are hillarious! Love you guys! Thanks for your prayers!

Betsy said...

wow, what a great experience. I think that would be very exciting! i bet you have a noisy household with all those little squeakers hanging around!