Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sometimes yes, sometimes no

while i was at johnson i had the pleasure to meet and listen to a singer/songwriter by the name of jill paquette. not only was her music just right up my alley, her vocal skills impressive, and her songs very catchy, but her lyrics were and have continued to be a great comfort to my heart in heavy times. there is one particular song as of late that has been my mantra and prayer. if you would allow me to, i would like to post part of the lyrics of this song, "sometimes yes sometimes no".

i wanna know just what it looks like: what the answer's gonna be: i wanna grab hold of something: to give me some security: and know it's You i'm hearing: gently helping me to see: when everything i've prayed for: is not Your will for me: sometimes it's hard to live this way: holding on, letting go: when it's sometimes yes: and sometimes no

many many tears have been shed listening and singing this part of the song to the Lord, but it has truly been what i have prayed and i am finding daily such contentment in whatever it is He has planned for me.

in regards to our 40 day journey that i know some of you are praying with us, i had a dr appointment last week and we had some potentially discouraging news, but we have also gotten some direction. that being said, we have also gotten some more questions, but i am holding to the promise that God is going to continue to reveal Himself and His plans for our family in the coming days.

a closing thought. in the old testament there are some great stories where God said yes and no to some different people. as i have been reading it the last few days i am so thankful that God sent these people before me to walk that road so that today i could be encouraged by the struggles and victories of the saints before me. check out the old testament today if it's something you haven't read in awhile. until next time.

be blessed.