Monday, September 8, 2008

40 Days

in the Old Testament there is a beautiful story about hannah, the mother of samuel. she goes to the Temple and kneels before the Lord begging of Him to give her a child. she prays so fervently that eli thinks she is drunk and reprimands her for coming to the Temple inebriated. she explains her distress and heartache and eli sends her on her way after he tells her the Lord will bless her with a child. as hannah leaves she turns and asks eli to continue to pray for her.

chris and i have embarked on a 40 day prayer journey in hopes for direction and guidance about having a child. we have enlisted the support and prayer of some friends and family and are praying every day for 40 days that God will give us a child. selfishly we would like to create a child, but that is not what we are praying for. we are asking specifically that God will reveal His plan for us in the pursuit of a child. particularly whether to adopt, foster to adopt, go to a fertility doctor, or be patient and wait. we know that God could create a child within me in these 40 days, but we are not holding out for that. direction is our main goal because trying without God this past year has been entirely too challenging.

like hannah we are fervently praying and opening up our hearts and minds to whatever it is God might do in us. and also like hannah we are asking people to pray with us. we are on day 6 now and believe in power in numbers. if you feel within your heart to pray with us we would appreciate and covet it. i am anxious to report back in a few weeks about what God is revealing to us. oh and as a closing thought, we think mollie might be having puppies. :)

be blessed.


Anonymous said...

The Holden's are praying with you! What a beautiful pos...thanks for sharing this prayer time with us. Hold fast to Him!

The Zalks said...

The Zalk's are also praying for you! I've missed your posts.