Tuesday, September 23, 2008


this post will be entirely dedicated to our dogs... sick i know, but the stories should at least make you smile. :)


this is our demon dog. he will be a year old in october and he is almost potty trained. yes you read correctly... he is almost a year old and not yet fully potty trained. while he looks adorable and cuddly do not be fooled. he is the most ornery and annoying dog ever. for example:

1. he is not yet potty trained.

2. when in his kennel he will paw at the bottom for hours making a very loud, scratching "whooshing" sound. he is persistent that is for sure.

3. he has figured out how to open his kennel door in order to roam the house at his leisure.

4. if you call mollie or chris' name he comes running and feels that it is imperative to be directly in your lap.

5. he loves cotton balls, toilet paper, kleenex, q-tips and any other paper product he can find to chew on. and when he finds them and starts chewing he smacks. when i see him with something in his mouth and call his name he will immediately stop chewing and hide it somewhere in his mouth and then watch me out of the corner of his eye to see when he can chew it again. it is stinkin hilarious but annoying nonetheless!


in no way is this a good picture of how pretty she is, but this was the first time we threw her in the water... needless to say she was not amused. but i was cracking up when i found this on the computer and wanted to share.

she is pregnant (yes by max) and will be having puppies in october. (Lord help me!)

she is a moody girl but as of late has really become quite cuddly. she has gotten into the habit of wanting to be held all the time.

when it's time for bed and you tell her it's time to go night-night she lays down, rolls onto her back and waits to be picked up and carried to her kennel because that is what we would do with her when she was a pup. she is rotten rotten!

all in all we have two wonderful dogs who have very distinct personalities and as annoying as max can be i wouldn't trade him for the world. well maybe for europe or something. hope these stories made you smile... and if you want a puppy just let us know! they will probably look like max and mollie did as pups.

be blessed.