Wednesday, July 30, 2008

breathe in, breathe out

while the title of this blog might represent something you would hear a man saying to a woman in labor, rest assured i am not pregnant or in labor. but i do think the sentiment of "breathe in, breathe out" is one that i need to carry with me over the next few days.

i will just go ahead and say that i am sure 3 or 5 years down the road that i will all but worship at the feet of dave ramsey for his help in getting our finances in order, but right now the last thing i have is financial peace, which is the title of the class we are presently taking. i am sure many of you are sick of hearing about this class and quite frankly i am sick of it as well. i like to think that the oblivion we had for the first two years of marriage was much better than writing out our budget and seeing for ourselves that there is no way in God's green earth that we are going to be able to make ends meet when we are spending 106% of our income. anyone else out there feel me on this?

and while money issues are largely repsonsible for the mediocre meltdown i had awhile ago with chris, this wreck and chris' car and insurance companies and doctors and physical therapy and settlements and everything else under the sun definately played a hand in my frustration. my boss said it best when she told us that we just had a black cloud hovering over us. i figure that or i would like to think that perhaps God has something major in store for us and that maybe our situation is a bit like job's when God said to satan, "have you considered my servant, job?" i must say that job was a much bigger man of faith than i am right now though.

some exciting news, after all that drama, i have been in communication with a professor at JBC who is looking to start some type of policy change or restoration group or something for those people who find that they not only struggle, but fail miserably, in the area of sexual purity. i highly, HIGHLY encourage all of you to pick up bill hybels book, holy discontent and read it as fast as you can. i can truly say that these couples, particularly the ones at JBC, have a burning place in my heart and i want to do everything in my power to walk with them out of this sin and dishonor to God. pray that things will go smoothly in setting this up and that the administrators and staff will see that this is a hugely needed group.

so now that i have vented and continuously reminded myself to breathe it's time i go lie in the bed with my husband and maybe the dogs and remember to praise God in all things, even the sucky times, and that i breathe in, breathe out.

be blessed.


Courtney said...

so would you recommend financial peace? we had the chance to take the class, and thought we might just read the book. have you found that it works?