Thursday, July 24, 2008

please pray

no time to mince words. yesterday i was involved in a car accident where a man ran a red light at 50 mph into the side of my car. while i am extremely sore i am thankful that nothing more serious happened. after being in the er all night long we came home and chris tucked me in and headed to the drugstore to get my pain medicine filled and his car started flashing "oil line, shut off car" and then his car stopped in the middle of the road. he coasted into the kroger parking lot and from there i called our 74 year old neighbor to pick him up. oh yeah, it was midnight and i had already taken a valium and hydrocodone.

to top things off things at y12 have been tough for chris due to his drawer not balancing one day and there is all kinds of drama mama there.

we are doing financial peace university and trying desperately to honor God with our finances and trying to get our "$1000 emergency fund" situated and we really believe that satan is trying to discourage us and break us down from doing the right thing. we truly covet prayers right now. we have no vehicle to get around, no family within 4 hours driving time, and our church is an hour away. to say the least we are discouraged and trying to hold our heads high. please pray.

and if you know anyone giving cars away for free... please let us know.

be blessed.


WhitLee said...

Thinking of you, and praying for you always...God's ways are mysterious, but always right...lots of love from Texas

Anonymous said...

Stay in the Word and know that God is always taking care of You. Praying for you!