Saturday, June 14, 2008


there are times when i am all alone in our house and the stillness and quietness is something rare. in those moments when i look around and see all the "stuff" we have i am reminded again how blessed we truly are.
when we bought our house a little over a year ago it was a whirlwind experience. we found a house, signed contracts with a realtor, made an offer, signed our lives away for the house, and moved in within a months time. tell me that was not God! and the kicker was our house payment is only $30 more a month than we were paying for rent. and while this was such a blessing i still find myself wanting more, or unhappy with the neighborhood, or... there is always something to complain about. but today i am not going to complain because i am so very very thankful for the provisions the Lord has given us. even though we may not have a huge house, or a pool, or a fenced in yard, there are thousands of people who would probably love to have our house. so thank you Lord for our home.
i am not exactly sure whose idea it was to make the pregnancy test sticks available to the public years ago, but i am not a fan of that person. we have spent so much money on those dadnabit tests in the last year and a half that we probably own stock in the first response company. it is an awful waste of money, but the first time you see that + - combination, the feelings cannot even be described. on the other hand the -- combination is a heartbreak every time. so in lieu of that, whoever decided to sell those stupid tests in grocery stores should be flogged.
chris and i are part of the planning party for the gathering's 4th of july festivities and i had the briliant idea of having a bake off, so they write up on the board "senior saints bake off", and i was like "hold up! i am totally entering". so they changed it to "senior saints/cassie bake off". gotta love the humor. anyways, so i was telling chris that i planned on destroying all the little old ladies who entered this contest, of course, all in the name of love. so i am going to try my hand at a topsy turvy/ or mad hatter cake. if you aren't familiar with what that is go here. it will be a completely different theme on the cake... red, white, blue, you know the drill, but it will be the same idea. anyways, hopefully it won't fall apart when we drive to sevierville.
well that is all for now, the silence and stillness is gone as the dogs have realized that i am up and moving around. be blessed this week.