Monday, May 19, 2008

update on life

what amazing things God has been doing in our lives you guys! we have been so blessed to have found a church family to call our own where we can be ourselves. and we are learning so much under the teaching of pastor gene and in the conversations with our small group. the gathering has taken our walk with christ to an entirely different level, not because of pastor gene or small groups or actively serving, but because GOD is there. He is moving and showing us daily how to more effectively live as Christ. my hope is that each of you are experiencing God on this same level at your church.

now with all that being said, let's talk life. chris is doing exceptionally well at y-12 credit union and, are you ready?. we FINALLY have insurance. halle-freakin-lujah! i have been uninsured for over 2.5 years and chris has been uninsured for 2 years so we are victory dancing now. my job at daisy cake is proving to be exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling. and i have started taking some extra decorating classes (paid for by daisy cake) and am excited to learn more and more. who knows, we may one day have our own show on food network! :)

for my fellow readers out there i would like to encourage you to look up some of these books/authors i have been immersed in lately. it's a random collaboration of material, but i have found when i read a classic play like "A Streetcar Named Desire," followed by a fictional work by Alice Hoffman, only to top it off with another classic such as Jane Eyre, it is proving to be very rewarding. so here is a list of the top books and/or authors that i have been enjoying the last few months.


jodi picoult, alice hoffman, kim edwards, and of course j.k. rowling.


the blessed life by robert morris, holy discontent by bill hybels, proverbs by king solomon

that's all for now. random post i know. until next time.

be blessed.


Anonymous said...

So glad things are going so well for you guys! Your job sounds like fun and I know you are great at it! Happy Anniversary to you both!

lesliemarie said...

cassie! i got my wedding cake from daisy cake! are you still working there? she is awesome and does such an amazing job! i'm glad i found your blog through charity. ~leslie tummel