Monday, June 16, 2008


today one of the scariest things of my entire life happened. i had just gotten out of the shower and i heard my dogs barking and freaking out and thought, "for the love! what is wrong with those dogs?!?!" so i quickly opened the door to the bathroom and there in my kitchen was a young black man looking just as suprised as i felt. immediately i remembered my phone was sitting on the table by the front door and so i started to go for it but the young man came over and shoved me into the wall, therefore causing me to fall to the ground. as i lay on the ground with this stranger in my home i prayed, "lord protect me" as i feared i was about to be raped or murdered or both. but to my suprise this young man took off out the back door.

never in the entire time that we have lived here have i been afraid to be in my own home alone, but i must say that today marked the first time i have ever truly felt that i was in a dangerous place. chris and i joke about the fact that we live in the ghetto right down the street from the projects and with drugs running rampant around us, but it really hit me today that we have truly been protected in the past year that we've lived here.

the police officers that came to the house kept asking if i wanted to press assault charges or breaking and entering but i was just so thankful that nothing else had happened that i decided not to. i figure that this teenager kid made a bad decision, but in all honesty no harm no foul. granted i may not feel comfortable while alone in my house for some time, but when i think about what he could have done, i am just thankful that the Lord sent his angels to protect me.

and now for the humorous parts of the story, because you have to know that there was something funny about what happened... not only was i taken to suprise because there was a man who was not chris in my kitchen, but i was stark naked minus the towel wrapped around my head. oh and my dogs, the vicious, flesh eating, protective dogs we own, were jumping up on this guy, tails wagging, surely thinking" pet me, pet me, new friend!"

be blessed... and make sure your doors are locked when you're alone in the house!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I am sooo glad you are okay!!! How scary!!! You must have been so upset! Glad he didn't hurt you and that everything is good. Be careful out there girlfriend!

The Zalks said...

Jeez! Very scary chic!! So glad you are OK!

Betsy said...

wow, that's really scary. i'm glad you are ok. praise God.

v.taimani said...

well damn.. thats not good.. im so glad ur safe.. dont make me come out there!

SarahAnnFair said...

gracious!! that is RIDICULOUS!! I'm so glad you are okay!!!

ps...I've decided to get one of these things :)