Monday, April 21, 2008


well i started a new job. i know, i know, you are probably like, what else is new? but things have been really rocky for me since i lost my teaching job in october. but it has been amazing to see how the Lord has worked all those "bad" things for the greater good. let me elaborate.

when i took the director job at the daycare it was out of necessity. i desperately needed to find a source of income for our family or we were going to be in a dire financial situation. so i took the job at the daycare, thinking that this was where God wanted me. now, perhaps that was where he wanted me, but the revelation of why he wanted me there is unbeknownst to me. moving forward... i was miserable at the daycare for all sorts of reasons: the job description was not what it was supposed to be, my boss was ridiculously lazy, i was blamed for all the bad things that were happening, major religious differences, the list goes on and on. throughout all this i, of course, was venting to my parents and my dad said something that i would like to share with you.

he first asked if he could say something to me without me getting upset, which is never really the way you want to start a conversation, but i obliged. he then went on to explain that he really wished that i could have the opportunity to allow God to place a wonderful job in my lap, instead of taking jobs out of necessity. he said that by taking a job out of necessity and not trusting that God can take care of me despite certain circumstances, that i was missing out on a blessing. while i agreed i also felt that there was no way i would just have the perfect job thrown at me because let's face it folks; this isn't an 8000 person town i am living in, and we don't know a whole lot of people here who would be willing to just hand me a job. despite all those things...

about 3 weeks had passed since i had this conversation with my father and it was a tuesday. i was at work, more miserable than i had ever been at a job, and just wondering how i was even going to make myself get up the rest of the week and come work, when andrea of daisy cake company called and said, "are you still looking for a job?"

mind you, the last time i had even talked to andrea had been at the end of january and the conversation was more or less me trying to get an apprenticeship with her. so her call was heaven sent and of course, i took this opportunity and blessing that God threw at me. i couldn't be happier. and now because i am a loser and do not know how to make a link be a word (pitiful I know) i am just going to give you the url to go look and see what i get to do every week.

be blessed; i know i am.

love you all.



Going Weston said...

OH MAN that sounds great! I'll have to check my schedule for that weekend. I have this bible study thing on Sunday nights so I might have to go back for that. But I'll try and work something out. It would be so much fun!

Betsy Wolf said...

hey cassie! i checked out the cake looks like so much fun and a chance to use your creativity! congrats!