Tuesday, November 20, 2007

who knows

we are leaving for the beach in a matter of hours. i am very excited, particularly to see my dog's reaction to the sand and ocean. she is going to freak out and it is going to be hilarious.
when i was growing up we never went to the beach for vacations. we went to new england via plane and train, san antonio, dallas, san marcos, paris (all in texas), oklahoma city and i am sure some other places. but none of those are beach destinations. the first time i went on a for real vacation to the beach was on my honeymoon. granted i had been to the beach before on numerous occassions, just never for the distinct purpose of vacationing.
that was a completely random rant and now i do not know what i was originally going to post...
back on track now. i don't know who out there has ever heard of an artist by the name of kari jobe, but you should check her out on youtube and listen to her sing. she is so annointed and she has such a passion for leading worship. there is an interview where someone asks her what it means to lead worship and, well heck i am just going to post the link because i think every worship leader needs to hear this: after you watch that you need to listen to revelation song. amazing
sorry to those few of you who read this. i am sure this is the most random and thoughtless post you have read in quite some time. be blessed.


v.taimani said...

hooooly cassie..

hello long lost friend.. man i miss u.. i hope yall r doin well.. we miss u both very much.. tell the ol' fella i said hi and i miss our krystal burger buffet nights.. love u both