Thursday, October 8, 2009

change is a comin'

this has been quite the week in the lawson household. we got back from vacation and i had managed to catch "the pig" aka swine flu somewhere alongst our trip. awesome. so that is not really good news, but what is good is that on chris' first day back he had a review with his manager and she gave him a promotion to another level in the credit union, AND a nice raise. so we were stoked about that. then today i got a call from the head of hr offering me a full-time position at the north knoxville branch where, if you recall, chris' started out.

it's so amazing to me to see the hand of God really and truly working in our lives as we are preparing to add to our family. when i was approached, out of the clear blue skies, concerning the full time job, i was very unsure of what to do and my dad asked me if i was just wanting to take this job so we could afford to adopt and i said absolutely not. i mean, sure the financial burden of adoption is overwhelming sometimes, but i have had complete peace that God was going to work out all the finer details. these two promotions this week, are the finer details.

before chris and i had even decided to start the adoption process God knew what we were going to need. He knew before we even worked at y-12 that on this day i would recieve a call to be offered this job. because He has orchestrated every movement under heaven nothing suprises Him. how cool is that?

i had a coworker ask me today why it is that i am blogging about the adoption and i told her plain and simple that in a way this is something that i want to be able to give to our child. one day when that baby of ours is old enough to understand adoption and perhaps is feeling abandonded or unloved i want to be able to pull out a scrapbook or a binder of some sort and allow that child of mine to read his or her story. i want that child to see how the hand of God orchestrated every step of his or her "forever family" even before that child was a thought. i want this child to read the agony and heartbreak we felt over kya and not having success conceiving a biological child, but more importantly i want our child to see how much we loved them before we even had them. and i want to show him or her to see what a true miracle they are to us, regardless of the circumstances of how they came into this world, or to who they were borne from. so that is why i am logging all of this, because what greater gift could i possibly give my child than their story, before they even knew they had a story?

chris and i have truly been overwhelmed this week by all the encouraging words and
comments we have received concerning the prior post. we sat on the couch last night reading all comments with tears running down our faces thankful to have so many people who are supporting us, even from a far. so thank you to all of you and please don't stop reading or praying for us. until next time, be blessed.


bgarner said...

I want you all to know that, though we don't see you all much, your Gathering family is covering you all in prayer. God has big things in store for the two of you. Continue to be encouraged! I love you both and can't wait to see the miracles God continues to work in your lives! ~Love~

Anonymous said...

You have such an amazing gift with words and even more amazing heart for your future child - my future grandchild. I am so proud of the woman you have become and of the way you allow the Lord to lead, direct, and dictate the steps of your life. He will never take you the wrong way nor will he leave you along the path. I love you and Chris and am praying for the precious child that will one day be yours. Love and hugs, Dad