Tuesday, October 6, 2009

adoption diary

there is a new series on tv called, "adoption diaries", that has come at a really great point in my life. for those of you who don't know, chris and i will be starting the adoption process this month. in just two weeks we will be submitting our preliminary application for adoption and will begin this new, exciting, and definitely challenging road. while we are not giving up hope that one day we might be able to have a biological child, we are anxious to add to our family and begin a new chapter full of sleepless nights, dirty diapers and all the challenges that we will face as parents.

but back to the tv show. this show is a reality show about open adoptions and it has bee an eye opener for sure for me. i see these adoptive parents who are much like chris and myself, who have struggled to have a biological child unsuccessfully and my heart breaks for them and then rejoices when they walk away with their new addition. but then i see this birthmother who through whatever circumstances has decided to make quite possibly the most difficult decision of her life. you can see the raw emotion of her face as she sees and holds her child, knowing that in a matter of hours that child she has grown and loved and carried for 9 months is going to be gone. it's heartbreaking to watch but gives me an entirely new perspective.

birthmothers have 3 choices to make when they find out they are pregnant. they have the choice to abort, the choice to keep the child and struggle, or the choice to sacrificially give their child up in the chance they will have a better life. as i have thought about these choices and the impact on the mother and the child i have realized that adoption is the most selfless and sacrificial choice a mother can make. i cannot imagine carrying a living child in my body and loving that child for 9 months only to turn that child over to a family that i have limited knowledge of. so to any of you out there who are birthmoms, i applaud you.

please be in prayer with us as we travel this road less traveled. we've heard plenty of adoption stories, but not a single one comes without the warning that it is an extremely difficult and emotionally and financially draining. we can't do this without a support system and seeing as how my family is in texas and chris' is in north carolina we desperately need all the prayers and encouragement from everyone. and of course $20k if you just happen to have it laying around. i'll do my best to keep this updated with our journey. until next time, be blessed.


annie said...

Hi friend! I think it's really great that you and your hubby are starting the adoption process! One of my best friends and her husband adopted a little boy two years ago and it has been really awesome to watch. I pray that things will go well for you guys! Keep the posts coming! (O: